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The Riley Benefit brings transparency, value and choice to business operators
by removing advisor commissions from employee benefit plan premiums.

What is the Riley Benefit ™?

The Riley Benefit™ is...

a revolutionary way of pricing employee benefit plans. Traditional plan premiums contain embedded advisor commissions paid through the insurance company.

The Riley Benefit plan premium is exempt of commissions, reducing premiums payable and in most cases increasing allowable claims experience.

We work on a flat fee for service schedule.

What Package will you need?

tRB tier 1 (1-19 lives)

tRB tier 2 (20-99 lives)

tRB tier 3 (100+ lives)

All Riley Benefit Plans include...

The obvious choice

  • Keep your current carrier or change carriers
  • Lower your current premiums or enhance your plan design; either way, you win!
  • We work for you not the insurance company

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the Riley Benefit FAQ

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