What is the Riley Benefit?

The Riley Benefit™ is...


...a revolutionary way of pricing employee benefit plans. Traditional plan premiums contain embedded advisor commissions paid through the provider (insurance company).

The Riley Benefit plan premium is exempt of commissions, reducing premiums payable and in most cases increasing allowable claims experience.

We work on a flat fee for service schedule.

The Riley Benefit was created as a local, ground breaking program to optimize your existing, or new, employee benefits plan.

  • We remove 100% of our commission from your plan premium.
  • We drastically reduce provider charges embedded in employee benefit products.
  • We unlock additional allowable claims experience specifically for your group.

Your business is truly unique, and so are your employees. Whether you have 2 or 202 employees, we have access to comprehensive group benefit plans tailored to your growing business.

The Riley Benefit™ = Simple + Commission Free + Transparent

What Package will you need?

tRB tier 1 (1-19 lives)

tRB tier 2 (20-99 lives)

tRB tier 3 (100+ lives)

All Riley Benefit Plans include...

  • Current coverage analysis
  • Removal of provider's (insurance company) embedded commission from your existing employee benefits plan.
    New employee benefits plan quotes net of commission
  • Access to a large number of provider's including Great-West Life, Manulife, Sun Life, Empire Life and more...
  • Annual renewal analysis and review
  • Access to additional employee RFG services including:
    • Group RRSP/TFSA accounts
    • Employee Financial Planning Services and Workshops
    • Pension Plans
  • Access to our Executive Planning Services including:
    • Corporate asset strategies
    • Buy/sell funding programs
    • Succession planning