Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Riley Benefit™ help my business?

Our plan is to reduce your premium and increase your allowable claims percentage.

How does The Riley Benefit™ lower my premiums?

Traditionally advisor commissions are embedded inside the plan premium. The Riley Benefit™ extracts commissions from the plan.

I am happy with my current carrier, do I have to change to save?

No, we simply replace the name of your servicing advisor and the savings begin.

I am not satisfied with my current carrier; how do I know who to choose?

We review your current plan and complete a needs analysis to recommend a more suited company from our network.

I don't have a plan, is it easy to get started?

It is really easy to get started by providing us with just a little bit of information.

I would love to have group benefits, but isn't it too expensive?

Your plan is tailored to your business needs. We complete a group benefit needs analysis to recommend a suitable plan.

I would love to have group benefits, but are we too small?

We can source coverage for as few as two members.

When does the Riley Benefit™ start?

We can start analyzing and advising on your plan at any time. The changes happen at your policy's anniversary. We need 60 days notice of the anniversary at minimum to begin addressing the change.